Selecting Best Dog Breeds For Families with Children

Selecting Best Dog Breeds For Families with Children : Dogs are great a companion for adults as well as for children. The most excellent quality of dogs is that they love unconditionally. So owning a dog must be a magnificent thing. If you live alone, a dog can provide you a long-lasting harmonious friendship. And if you have a family with kids, having a dog can be a marvelous thing too.
Since you are here reading this article, we are sure that you are looking for a family dog, a dog that is going to be an excellent companion for your loving children. Well, choosing the best breed is not an easy job. When you choose, you will choose a new member of your family! You have to choose the right one from hundreds of dog breeds available out there.

 So how do you choose the right dog breed for your family? 

Choosing the Best Dog Breeds For Families

There are some important factors that you should take into your account while selecting a dog breed. First, consider your family’s way of living, then space you got in your house, and then think about your children’s age. For example, you have a small house; you choose a smaller dog who demands less space.
The most important thing to consider is that the dog must be family-friendly. Is the dog going to be patient and tolerant with your children? Some dog breeds do not get along with kids, but some others do. Some breeds are patient and tolerant with the kids. So it is evident that you are going to look for the one who can get along well with your whole family members, in particular with the children.:


Beagles Best Dog Breeds For Families

Beagles can make an excellent companion to children though they are specially bred for hunting. They are small and medium in size. Beagles are very well-behaved and can get along easily with kids. Beagles are a tough breed, and they can be brilliant. Being dynamic, they are very friendly with children. Beagles are also well-tempered. They don’t need many guards since they can be open to anybody. Beagles can be easily cared for. When you are going to own a beagle, you must keep in your mind that the dog must be exercised on a daily basis and you have to carefully monitor the food he is taking. Without proper care, exercise and attention, the dog can be vicious.


Newfoundland Best Dog Breeds For Families

These dogs are big in size. Because of their sweet temperament, they make an excellent companion for children. They are also called Newf or Newfie in short. These dogs were initially bred in Newfoundland for serving some purposes of the fishermen. They swim great. They love children so naturally that they are called “Nature’s Nannies.” They are large but sweet, and one cannot help but falling in love with them.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Best Dog Breeds For Families

Initially bred for fighting, the Boston Terriers are very friendly with children. They have a nickname which is “The American Gentlemen”. They love children so much. They are intelligent and energetic. Though small in size, they are adamant. They are a perfect suit for a family with kids.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Best Dog Breeds For Families

The Bernese Mountains Dogs are large in size, quiet and goofy in nature. They are very gentle for which they are called “gentle giant”. These dogs were originally bred for farm work. They have a very intense longing to learn which makes it easy to train them. They are sweet and lovable. Since they are large in size, one needs a big house with enough space. If you got enough space, this would be the perfect choice for your family.


Brittany Best Dog Breeds For Families

If your family is an active one, then the Brittany is going to be an excellent choice you will ever make. The Brittanys are known as sturdy. They need constant activity to stay happy. They love doing things, which makes it very easy to train. Since they are very active, they cannot be left alone for an extended period. Being very active, they are fun loving and friendly. They are perfect for large families where they don’t find it difficult to find companion all the time.


Havanese Best Dog Breeds For Families

These dogs are small in size, but very strong in nature. They are very social, and they make a perfect family companion. The Havanese can easily get connected to their families. And they can be left alone for an extended period of time. Being even-tempered, they are a perfect suit for a family with children.


Boxer Best Dog Breeds For Families

The Boxers may have a frightening look, but they are adorable and friendly dogs. Boxers are considered as a natural protector. They love to spend their time with humans than with other animals. The best thing about a fighter is that he can do very well in a quiet home as well as in a very busy active one.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Best Dog Breeds For Families

The Labrador Retriever has considered one of the most popular dog breeds all around. They are also one of the most flexible ones. These dogs are animal lovers. They love to be jolly, protecting, adorable and reliable. They have a sincere desire to learn new tricks. They are very patient, gentle and sociable. They have endless energy to keep up with the children. They possess a natural protecting knack. The Labrador was originally bred for hunting birds. The labs can easily get along with other animals like cats or other small pets. Their learning capability is astounding. Their willingness to amuse and pleasant nature makes them one of the most loved dogs in America, and they are perfect for the family with children.


Buying a dog is like choosing a new family member. Making the decision is not easy. It requires research to make the proper one. All breeds are not suitable for families with children. You have to be careful while choosing the breed. Make sure that the breed is energetic, sturdy, intelligent and friendly.

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