10 Basic Dog Training Tips That You Should Know !

10 Training tips for your dog

Whether you own a young dog or an old one, you must be prepared to give her some basic training as soon as you get her in your home. Successfully training a dog is the best part for a dog owner. Training is the way to get along with your dog by building a good relationship with her. Training your dog is fun, but not all the time. It can be tricky and frustrating sometimes. You must be really patient while doing the job. How you train your dog will determine her future behavior. Here we listed out 10 basic training tips for your dog that will help you start immediately.

Make use of the good ( Dog Training Tips )

Dogs never stop learning. They always learn something whether you are deliberately teaching them or not. That means your pup is always learning. If you pay attention, you will see your dog is doing something on her own. And it might be something good most of the times. When you see your dog is doing something right like sitting peacefully next to you while other dogs are making too much noise by barking, give her warm admiration. It will help your dog learn which behavior is good.

Make a list

dog training list

Training your dog is not always about coaching the dog to stop doing something you don’t want. It’s actually about what you want her to do. There are, of course, some particular ways that you want your dog to behave accordingly. Make a behavioral list. It will help you know what exactly you want your dog to do. Otherwise, if you do not know what you want, it will be a frustrating experience for you and your dog.  When you figure your specific likes and dislikes, you can be able to teach your dog peacefully without being frustrated on each other.

Make it fun

Training your dog is not that easy. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your cool. But you have to make it fun. If you are not able to make it fun for yourself, your dog won’t find it fun for her too. You should not punish your dog if she is not responding the way you want. It won’t help you get the positive result. In order to get it, you must be positive. Be patient, companionate and kind.

Be consistent (Dog Training Tips)

Make sure that you are not teaching your dog something what you actually do not want her to do. Most dog owners often do that unknowingly. Maintain consistent communication with your dog. There is something you can do is to involve your whole family while training your dog. That will help you keep the consistency.

Have realistic expectations

While training your dog, you must keep it in your mind that what you are trying to do is to change your dog’s entire behavior which does not come quickly. It takes time. You have to have realistic expectations regarding this behavior changing matter. It may take too long that you don’t like. Sometimes the most common reactions take most time such as jumping, barking and digging. You have to take it into your account how much time your dog has spent rehearsing a particular behavior. For example, if your dog is doing something for years like jumping on people when saying ‘hi’ and you want her to change it now, it will take a much longer time to undo it.

Keep the training sessions short

You must keep the sessions short while training your dog. Dogs learn best in small sessions. Training sessions should be up to five minutes, not more than that. It will be better if you can make it shorter by breaking it into two or three minutes several sessions a day. Lengthy sessions are always unfruitful. Making the training sessions short will help you keep your dog highly motivated.

Freedom (Dog Training Tips)

Do not give your new dog a sudden full freedom to move around your house. Most dog owners do that. It will cause accidents. Let her slowly earn the freedom to go around the house. Make sure your dog does not go to the empty rooms where accidents can happen. The best way to reduce incidents is to stick your dog to you in the house. You can use a crate when it is not possible for you to supervise her actively.

Correct instantly and move on

If your dog makes any mistakes or does something that you don’t want her to do, fix her immediately. But don’t hold your grudge. Do not try to punish your dog long after she made a mistake. You should only correct her bad behavior right at the moment it happens, and then move on. Gently correct your dog. Make her understand through your voice, your body language that you don’t allow what she has just done. But do it in a way that she doesn’t feel any negative energy.

Don’t ask (Dog Training Tips)

While training your dog, remember that you are the boss. Command her, but never ask. Make sure that your dog can recognize your voice as a command and does things accordingly. If you fail to do that which means you are not actually training your dog. So you must make sure that your dog understands your language. Be straight; look at her eyes directly so that she knows what business you want her to get done.


As mentioned earlier, you must praise and show your love whenever you see your dog is doing something good. But only love and appreciation won’t do. Your dog also wants to get straightforward rewards from you. Give her sweet treats whenever she has done a good job.  End the training session with a positive vibe making your dog feels she was excellent the whole time.

Final Words

Training your dog can be a tricky job as well as fun. It’s your duty to make it active and fun. Don’t get frustrated very quickly. Follow the above tips and make a strong bond with your dog.

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