How to choose a dog bed

Dogs crave for a comfortable bed to relax and rest just like human beings do. You cannot visualize your life without a cozy bed. Can you? Your dog’s bed should be as comfortable as yours. Dogs sleep a lot. When you provide your dog his own bed, he feels a sense of solitude and security. Dog beds have some health benefits; especially the older dogs can be more benefited from the bed. There are many types of dog beds available out there. Selecting the right one can be tough and now you may confused about how to choose dog bed? Don’t worry this article will help you to select best dog bed for your dog also you can read more details about best dog bed here. If you know what to look for while buying a bed for your dog, it will be easier for you to choose the right one. You must consider your dog’s age, his physical condition, the way of sleeping, lifestyle, and his individual needs when buying a dog bed.

Choosing the perfect style

You have to choose a style which fulfills the special needs of your dog. Consider his size, age, sleeping manners, and temperament. There are different sizes and shapes of dog beds. You must know which style matches your favorite dog’s needs. Dog beds come in round, oval, and rectangular shapes. You can know which one to buy by considering your dog’s style of sleep.

Rectangular dog beds

If your dog has the habit of stretching out when sleeping, a rectangular bed in shape is ideal for him. A rectangular-shaped bed provides extra space from which the older dogs with less flexibility can be benefited. There are options available for you to choose from:

Mats or Pads

A mat or pad is a type of dog bed which is more likely to fit your budget. These types of dog beds are not very heavy, but they have the thickness to provide enough comfort and also the lightness of being easily movable. For a kennel use, people prefer this style as it does not take up much space while providing a comfy place for the dog to relax.

Mattress-style dog beds

These types of dog beds are heavy and thick. When buying one, consider the materials it is made of and what it offers.

Round dog beds

If your dog loves to sleep curled up, round dog beds are perfect for him. You can buy a round dog bed with or without bolsters. A dog gets more freedom to move in a round bed which doesn’t have bolsters.

Pillow beds

Pillow beds are ideal for the dogs those prefer to sleep in various positions. Since this style provides more space to move, a dog can sleep either curled up or stretched out.


Nest beds are also called as “donut” or “bagel” beds. They come in oval and round shapes. If your dog prefers to circle before settling down on a mushy surface, a nest bed is ideal.

Things to look for in a best dog bed

Made of non-poisonous materials: The products which are made of chemical synthesis may cause harm to your dog. It is particularly crucial if your dog’s skin is sensitive or if he has allergies. It’s also crucial for your dog if he has a habit of chewing his bed. Before make him use the bed, make sure to wash it properly.

Cleanable: Keeping your dog bed clean is so important. If your dog is smaller in size, buy a machine washable bed. Make sure the cover of the bed is washable if you are unable to wash the bed.

Warm: When you live in an area which is colder or if you let your dog sleep outside, buying a warm bed for him is perfect.

Water proof: There are numerous beds which have a water proof cover. These are useful for the dogs those have the habit of going to bed after getting wet. If your dog is a little squashy, throwing some old towels over the bed would be perfect. Sturdy: Some dogs have the habit of chewing. If your dog has it, make sure to buy a sturdy bed, a bad that has no parts that can be devoured or chewed. For the chewing type of dogs, do not buy a warm bed. Large enough to stretch out: It is important to choose the right size. Make sure that the bed is large enough so that your dog can lie comfortably in any natural positions and you can stretch out or curl it up based on the hot and cold weather.

Don’t buy cheap

It will not be a wise decision to make if you are thinking about the purchase of an inferior quality dog bed in order to save money. In won’t save your money. Because you have to buy it twice! A quality bed can last for a lifetime. And a quality bed is not only durable; it offers more comfort and support than the cheap ones.
Dogs generally sleep a lot. But it differs from dog to dog. Normally, little puppies and older dogs are likely to sleep more. After all, a dog’s life is more about sleeping. So investing in a quality dog bed will ensure your dog’s overall happiness.

Things to avoid

Do not buy a mattress which is not entirely washable. Only washing the cover cannot be enough. Without cleaning it fully, you cannot get rid of dust mites and fleas. These can cause allergies to your dog.
If your dog is a chewer, do not go for the beds which have zippers, buttons, or piping. It can be very dangerous if your dog swallows them after chewing.
Avoid the types of beds which are made of toxic materials. 


Whatever you choose for your favorite pet, remember that you are choosing something on which your dog’s overall happiness will depend. Choose a comfortable and durable quality bed for your friend. Consider his unique needs while choosing one. Before making the decision, do your own research. It will make it easier for you. Hope with the above guidelines and tips will guide you to right direction.

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