How to groom a dog – A Complete Guide

How to groom a dog at Home :

Have you ever thought of grooming your dog at home? As a dog owner, this thought is more likely to pop up in your head now and then. Since you are here on this page, we are sure that you are now sincere about this thought. Most dog owners tend to leave it to the professional groomers. It is because they think that they cannot be expert in this or they don’t have the time to invest. The good news is you can be expert in grooming your dog if you are willing to invest some time and have the patience to do it. It will save your money as well as make a strong bondage with your favorite pet. In the beginning, you will get some comic results, but that’s not something to worry about.  The following guide will help you get started.

The Tools You Need

How to groom a dog: For grooming your dog, you don’t need to be equipped with like professionals. Just some simple tools will do the job. The first thing you need is clippers. Clippers are not costly, rather they are incredibly cheap, and you can buy different styles at a cheap rate. Specialized clippers will cost you more, but you don’t need one. Any kind of dog clippers can be used. Using plastic guards to clip at an extended length is necessary. There are some clippers which you can sharpen on your own that will allow you a prolonged period of time to use. But for long hair, Clippers may not work that well. You can use a sharp pair of scissors when you groom around the paws and ears. Make sure you have lots of treats and brush on your hand while doing it.

Starting Clipping

When you start grooming your dog at home, it is necessary to have someone to hold your dog. The experts don’t need any extra hands because they use a specific dog grooming table which holds the dog in a perfect position. You are not likely to have a dog grooming table at home. Don’t worry. You can do it on the kitchen table with the help of the extra pair of hands. But before starting doing it, make sure you put a non-slip mat on the table.

How often?

If your dog’s hair grows ceaselessly, clipping your dog every six to eight weeks is perfect. You don’t need to groom your dog more often if you can brush him on a regular basis and stop creating mats. But when your dog cannot help but forming mats effortlessly, then you have to clip his coat a little more. It is essential to know your dog’s coat type. You can ask your groomer for some advice on this.

Taking care of the Clippers

Your dog grooming clippers must be kept clean. Otherwise, they won’t work smoothly. You should make sure that the blades of the clippers are clean and oily all the time. In order to do it, you can use some clipper spray. Clipper spray can also be used when blades got heated while grooming. And always make sure that the edges are sharp. If it is needed, you should get them sharpened from experts. When you are done using your clippers, use a toothbrush to brush them free from hair. And applying some blade oil or Clippers spray is ideal.
We are giving you a few valuable tips regarding how to get this job done perfectly. They are listed below:
First, make sure that your dog is not dirty. If he is, then you need to bath him using a pet shampoo.
When your dog is dry, you need to make sure that he’s not got any snags and mats. If he has any, then brush them out.
For trimming the edges like face, legs, and ears, you should use scissors.
When you are about to clip the paws, you should brush in the opposite direction of hair growth and then push the hair between the toes uphill and cut them with the scissors.
Clippers can also be used for the lower side of feet.

When your dog is nervous

While grooming your dog at home, he may get a little jumpy. And you may get worried about it since you are not a professional groomer. In this case, you can use treats that will help you get him accustomed to the sound of clippers. Do not make the sessions long; your dog won’t like it. Give him praise and keep your own cool while doing it. If your dog got anxiety disorder, it is perfect for him to get groomed at home. Because at home, you get more time to adjust him to the process where professionals do things very fast.

Bathing your dog

You should not bath your dog too often. It can cause skin dryness or loss of natural oil. You should only bath your dog when he is filthy and gets a bad smell. Bathing your dog once in a month or two is perfect. Use a bath towel on the bathing place so that it will prevent your dog from slipping. Use a shampoo which is specialized for dogs. Make sure that the water and shampoo don’t get into his mouth, ears, eyes, and nose.

Brushing your dog

Your dog should be brushed on a regular basis. There are brushing tools like a slicker, blow dryer, gloves, brush, etc. available out there which will make it easy for you. While brushing your dog, make sure to give him praise and rewards. It will be fun for both of you. Regular brushing makes your dog look tidy.


How to groom a dog at home can be an enjoyable experience for you and your favorite dog. This experience helps you build up an excellent relationship with your dog. Acquiring this new skill of grooming your dog will boost up your confidence. You will feel a sense of creativity. So, get started with mastering this new skill. Good luck!

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