Leash or Collar or Harness : Which is best for my pet?

Leash or collar or Harness:

Which is best for my pet? As a dog owner, you love going out walking with your favorite pet. Walking a dog is one of the great enjoyments of dog ownership.

While walking with your dog, it is important to use the right equipment which is safe and comfortable. You might be in confusion regarding choosing the right one. The question: “Leash or collar or harness : Which is best for my pet” may pop up in your head.

Most of the dog owners ask this question frequently. Well, the answer depends on different factors like shapes and sizes, breed, health, personalities, temperament and separate needs.

You have to actively consider these factors while deciding which one is best for your dog whether it is dog collar vs harness vs leash.

There are differences between using leads collar or harness for walking or training your dog. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Before making the decision, you should always discuss any particular health issues and needs with your vet to ensure the optimal health and experience.

Using Leash or collar or harness : 

Using Collars

leash or collar or harness

A collar is extremely important for your dog. Collars are very easy to put on and take off. One of the greatest advantages of collars is that they give the opportunity to identify your dog immediately if the dog is lost. So collar vs harness for dog?

When your dog is lost, if he has a collar with an identifying tag, he can be found very easily and quickly. While selecting collars for your dog, you must make sure that they are safe and comfortable.

Collars are not suitable for all dogs. They can cause injury to the dog’s neck. If you have a puppy, you must check the fit of the collar very often. Because they grow too quickly.

If your dog is medium in size, you should buy a small collar. And then change the size of the collar later as your dog grows bigger.

There are different styles of collars available out there. You should not use the metal choke collar or pinch collars since they can cause pain and agony to your dog.

There are other choices like martingales, head collars, and regular collars. Martingales can be an ideal choice for your dog if he has a thick neck.

A collar must be comfortable enough, and it should not come off over the head. Selecting a wider collar is wise. And also consider your dog’s activities while choosing a collar. For instance, if your dog is a regular swimmer, then you should not choose a leather collar.

If you are thinking about using pinch or prong collar, you should be warned that they can be effective for training only when used correctly. Otherwise, they can cause injury to the neck. And they should not be used all the time, but should only be used for particular time of training and walk.

Buckle, and Snap collars should be used for puppies. Because puppies tend to pull while walking for the first time. Buckle and Snap collars stretches against their throats which can cause hacking and coughing fits. Heads collars can be a perfect choice for puppies.

Selecting Best Dog Tags

harness or collar

The identifying best dog tags that you use with the collar should be easy to read. The print of the tag must be durable so that it cannot fade away so quickly. You can use plastic tags.

But if your pet is adventurous, a plastic tag is not ideal; rather a stainless steel tag should be perfect. A stainless steel tag can last a lifetime. You can put your mobile number on the tag which is the best because you can be contacted immediately when your lost dog is found. You can also include your address or your vet’s name.

Using Harnesses

dog collar vs harness

Harnesses are popular among most dog owners nowadays. Harnesses can be a better choice if your dog is very dynamic and rowdy. The harness can be a great equipment for a dog which a has a tendency to pull sharply. So dog collar vs harness which you should take? Read more to choose the best one. 

The walkers get more control over their dog while using harnesses. Since a collar can cause injury to the neck for some dogs, the harness is safer and powerful alternative.

Harnesses are perfect for the dogs which are larger in size. Harnesses have some health benefits. The harness is a powerful training tool for puppies. For a dog which has a breathing problem, the harness is a perfect choice. You can use either front-attaching or back-attaching harness.

If you have a larger dog, front-attaching harness is appropriate as you can have more control while leading from the front. Back-attaching harnesses should be used for the smaller dogs as they cannot take much pressure and a front-attaching harness can be stressful for them.


harness vs leash

Confusing about Lead vs Leash?

A dog lead is one of the most important equipment you can have as a dog owner. A leash is the most secure way for holding your dog back. Dog leashes come in different types: 

Retractable Leashes: These leashes are perfect for small dogs. With these leashes, you can have control over your dog while giving your dog some free reign.

Double Leashes: When you own two dogs at the same time, choosing a double leash will be perfect for you. You can walk both dogs at the same time with a double leash.

Hands-Free Leashes: When you go for a long walk, ride or a run, you can use a hands-free leash. It will allow you clip it to your belt or loop over your shoulder.


Whether you should use dog collar vs harness vs leash for your dog depends entirely up to you. The choice is yours. But you have to make a decision carefully. Do your research before making a decision.

Take the certain factors into your account. Consider your dog’s shape and size, breed, health issue, and his behavior. Focus on your dog’s individual needs. Consider the pros and cons of the lead collars or harnesses. You can discuss it with your vet. Whether you use collars or harnesses, make sure that they are safe, comfortable and suitable for your favorite pup.

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